The V Foundation

The V Foundation for Cancer Research was founded by ESPN and legendary basketball coach Jim Valvano with one goal in mind: to achieve Victory Over Cancer®. Since its inception in 1993, the V Foundation has awarded over $200 million in cancer research grants nationwide. Our goal is to save lives by funding the most innovative science. Our researchers are learning things like how to detect cancer earlier and how to stop the cancer but keep the patient healthy. Our work is urgent. For the V Foundation, and for all who have been personally affected by cancer, there’s not a moment to lose.

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Where your money goes

The dollars you raise fund research that saves lives. And when it comes to funding cures for cancer, the V Foundation means business. Here’s how we do it.

V Scholars are early-career scientists doing fundamental or “basic” cancer research to provide the raw materials for tomorrow’s preventions, diagnoses, and treatment. All treatments being offered in cancer clinics today have their earliest foundations in basic research done decades ago. V Scholar grants fund the future of cancer research.

Translational Grants bring together multi-disciplinary teams doing basic, patient-oriented and population-based research. These grants help translate findings from the lab to the clinic.

Designated Grants support basic or translational research at research institutions that may reach beyond our usual grant list. The size and duration of these grants vary widely depending on the initiative, but they have ranged from $50,000 to over $1 million.

A subset of Designated Grants, Mission Grants are made to support projects within the mission of the V Foundation, but they are not usually for the direct support of a research project. The Mission Grant is a smaller grant type (under $100,000 per year).