Victory Ride Participant Shawn Patil on Why He Rides

The Victory Ride chatted with 2019 Victory Ride participant Shawn Patil on why he choose to ride this year and why this event means so much to him.


The Victory Ride: How has cancer affected you personally?

Shawn Patil: Where do I start. My father and grandfather have cancer. My only family in North Carolina had pancreatic cancer. This issue has caused me to think deep, love more, smile more and stress less. I am a teacher, and this has impacted my class. The other day, I received 70-90 messages from students who were writing to teachers that impacted them. The majority of them hit the same message living every day as if it is your last. Every interaction should be nothing less than your best, because someone else is willing to give up every possession in order to have another day on this earth since cancer is taking them faster and faster. The students also mentioned how each person needs to experience your best because we don’t know what weight or demon someone is carrying. Right now, there is a 7th grader walking the halls with the weight of losing his father to pancreatic cancer. He needs compassion. 


TVR: How did you learn about The Victory Ride?

SP: The ride was introduced to me through my family here in North Carolina. We decided to create Team Beltowski since our family member was fighting pancreatic cancer. We wanted to support him and deliver hope to him and to all those like him. His passion was cycling, so this was perfect. 


TVR: What did you enjoy most about The Victory Ride?

SP: My favorite part was to meet and see all the other riders, regardless of experience, creed, color or cultural background, come together to support a single purpose. It was inspiring to see people on the Lime bikes. This meant that they would do anything to support the cause. I also enjoyed seeing Robin Beltowski lead the ride. This symbolized everything that our family member stood for. The food and beer were just icing on the cake! 

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