Why We Ride: Susanne Carroll

From the moment she was diagnosed with cancer in March, Susanne Carroll looked to the future.

“I was emotional and shocked,” said Carroll. “But after I processed the news, I set myself new goals and worked actively on them. I realize how much positive thoughts and actions improve the general state of mind.”

One goal for Carroll is to ride in the Victory Ride to Cure Cancer presented by Braswell Family Farms and help raise money for research that could help others who have heard the words, “You have cancer.”

“Now I realize that it can affect anyone, and that has brought me back down to Earth even more,” she said.

Like many others, she had her initial doubts about asking loved ones for donations. The thought of fundraising can be overwhelming. However, for Carroll, collecting donations has been motivating and a welcome distraction during her treatments.

“It’s made me happy every time I received an email about a new donation,” said Carroll.

She’s received plenty of donations to be happy about. In fact, Carroll is among the individual leaders in fundraising. And each and every donation gathered by Carroll, along with every other Victory Ride participant, will fund critical cancer research.

She’ll ride as part of the TrialCard team in the Victory Ride, and Carroll said she looks forward to meeting others who share her aim to collect more donations, which will lead to helping more people.

“The feeling to have achieved something successful, for a good cause, is so satisfying!”

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