Why We Ride: Nita Kroninger

It had been years since Nita Kroninger had been on a bike. She’s not even a casual bike rider, let alone an avid cyclist. She had never even considered riding in a large bike event like the Victory Ride to Cure Cancer. Then her whole life changed when her husband, Ed, was diagnosed with cancer.

Kroninger found out about the Victory Ride about six months after Ed’s diagnosis, but she was hesitant to sign up. She wanted to help, but a bike ride?

“After Ed was diagnosed, I felt helpless and wanted to do something; I just didn’t know what,” said Kroninger. “It took me a couple of weeks to decide to register because as a non-cyclist I didn’t know if I could do the actual ride, but Jimmy V’s legacy and ‘Don’t Ever Give Up’ attitude was the push I needed.”

While the prospect of participating in this type of event was daunting for Kroninger at first, she learned to love the challenge, not only of getting on her bike, but fundraising as well.

“The idea of helping through raising money was both daunting and fun, and something that I learned to love,” said Kroninger. “I felt it was a small challenge compared to what Ed and other cancer patients are facing.”

It just goes to show that the Victory Ride to Cure Cancer is an event for anyone who shares our goal of achieving Victory Over Cancer®. From a lifelong cyclist who can ride 100 miles without thinking twice, to someone like Kroninger, who hadn’t been on a bike in years, there is a place for you on the Victory Ride team.

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