Why We Ride: Ben Carson

Hearing the words, “You have cancer” is a life-changing moment. For Victory Ride participant Ben Carson, the diagnosis came when he was just 36 years old in November of 2017. It was prostate cancer. Thankfully, the prognosis was good and he had surgery in 2018 to remove the cancer.

“I’m incredibly thankful for all the doctors, surgeons and medical professionals that made such a procedure possible,” said Carson. “I’ve also watched close friends and family members battle against this terrible disease, so I’m willing to do as much as I possibly can to participate in the fight against cancer.”

In 2019 when Carson recovered and wanted to find a way to get involved in supporting cancer research, the Victory Ride was a natural fit.

“For me, cycling is more than just a hobby. It has been a major part of my recovery from cancer,” said Carson. “The Victory Ride offers me the opportunity to combine two of my passions: joining the fight against cancer and pedaling a bicycle.”

The Victory Ride provides many different options for riders, from shorter 10- and 30-mile rides that are mostly on greenways, to 60- and 100-mile road rides for more experienced cyclists. For Carson, the choice was an easy one, despite being just 15 months removed from his cancer treatments.

“I signed up for the 100-mile ride not even knowing if I could ride that far. I love challenging myself and riding and completing a century was an incredible experience,” said Carson. “The Victory Ride has provided healing for me in multiple ways.”

Carson is not shy in sharing his personal experiences when fundraising for the event, knowing that every dollar raised will help others in the fight against cancer. And as more research is funded, we continue to move closer to Victory Over Cancer®.

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