Why We Ride: John Latteri

For John Latteri, participating in the 2022 Victory Ride was much more than just a challenging bike ride around Raleigh. It was a deeply personal commitment to raising awareness and funds for one goal – defeating cancer.  

Like too many others, Latteri’s family has been profoundly impacted by the disease. His mother, father and sister, Christa, have all experienced that life-altering diagnosis. Every time, the family stood shoulder-to-shoulder to face it together.

“My family and I have experienced moments of despair and sadness, as well as those of triumph and exhilaration,” said Latteri. “We’ve had to say goodbye too soon and we’ve also celebrated recoveries.”

Although the family had weathered many storms together, Christa’s journey was unlike anything they had experienced before – it was in the midst of a global pandemic. Even with the ever-changing state of the world and the increased strain on healthcare systems during this time, Christa’s spirit was impenetrable.

“The disease was no match for her determination, resilience and stubbornness,” said Latteri. On ride day, he dedicated his 60-mile ride to Christa who is now cancer-free.

By combining a sport he enjoys and a mission he is passionate about, Latteri inspired others in his community to help him reach his fundraising goals. “I encouraged family and friends to support my efforts,” he said. “The reality is that the fight against cancer is a cause we can all get behind.”

Latteri trained for more than two months and showed up on ride day ready to unite with others who shared the same goal – Victory Over Cancer®.

“[We need] an end to this disease so families can remain whole and don’t have to worry about saying early goodbyes.”

Through the dedication of riders like John Latteri, the 2022 Victory Ride raised nearly $350,000. Every dollar goes directly toward providing grants to world-class cancer researchers.

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