Why We Ride: George Kupsky

In May 2023, the V Foundation will host its sixth annual Victory Ride to Cure Cancer. This day signifies six years of raising critical funds for world-class cancer research institutions. Six years of cycling to support all-star scientists as they accelerate treatments and discover cures. Six years of bringing together a community of participants who are passionate about taking down cancer. 
Among those participants is George Kupsky, a Victory Rider who has participated every year since the event began in 2018. 2018 was also a pivotal year in George’s life – it was the year that cancer impacted his own family in a way he could have never fathomed.  
“Our two children contracted cancer. Both had lymphomas,” said Kupsky of his kids, who were ages 24 and 26 at their time of diagnoses. His younger daughter was diagnosed first in 2018, and elder son was diagnosed in 2020.  “One had Hodgkin’s and one had Non-Hodgkin’s (large b-cell lymphoma). Luckily, both are cancer-free now.” 
Both children were treated at UNC Lineberger Cancer Center, one of the three North Carolina-based beneficiaries of the Victory Ride.  
“This obviously became the central point of the lives of our family,” said Kupsky. He recalls both the fear and disruption these diagnoses caused for the whole family, but also spoke of the hope he feels for the future of cancer treatments, thanks to groundbreaking research. 
“My eldest’s lymphoma was treated with a newer therapy called CAR-T. This kind of targeted immunotherapy can actually train your own white blood cells to recognize and destroy the specific B protein that is causing the cancer growth,” he explained. “The kind of research funding it takes to discover these genetic therapies costs a lot of money. But I’d like to think our combined contributions gets us closer to the day when we treat cancer in a more targeted, less invasive and far more effective way.” 
Since first participating in the Victory Ride, George has raised over $7,700 for the V Foundation and continues to advocate for cancer research. Each year, he meets new riders who share his passion for the cause. 
“It’s inspiring to meet and talk to others on ride day to understand their stories, struggles and victories. Each story is very personal, yet you find shared experiences that bind you as a kind of family.” 
If you’d like to join the community of riders, volunteers and advocates like George who are raising critical funds for cancer research, visit our registration page and join us on May 20 as we ride as One Team for Victory Over Cancer.  

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