Teams - The Key to Victory Ride Success

Defeating cancer takes teamwork — the teamwork of doctors, researchers, patients, the V Foundation, our mission partners and you. Create a team for the Victory Ride to Cure Cancer presented by CBS 17, and invite others to join you — and us — in stopping cancer.

Teams Raise More Money

In addition to keeping each other accountable for achieving your goals, you and your teammates can plan team fundraising events or create a friendly inter-team competition to see who can raise the most money. Statistics show that being part of a team correlates to stronger fundraising performance.

Teams Have More Fun

We know you’ll have a great time at the Victory Ride if you participate as an individual, but we also know you’ll have an even better time if you participate with a team. From wearing matching jerseys to swapping stories after the ride, the camaraderie of participating as part of a team will make a great experience even better.

Teams Can Earn Fundraising Rewards

At the Victory Ride, fundraising rewards aren’t just for individuals. Teams can earn fundraising rewards, too.

  • $5,000+ Teams
    Any team that raises $5,000 or more will earn a team sign to be displayed at the event. We want the world to know about your fundraising success!
  • $10,000+ Teams
    Any team that raises $10,000 or more will earn a dedicated team area and banner at the festival site.
  • Top Fundraising Team
    In addition to having the ultimate bragging rights, there will be extra special rewards for the top fundraising team.

Corporate Teams

We encourage corporate teams to join us for the Victory Ride. Give back to your community while creating camaraderie in your workplace.

Benefits of creating a corporate team:

  • Provides visibility for your company
  • Shows the world you care about funding breakthrough science that will lead to more options to prevent, detect and stop cancers.
    • Promote a healthy lifestyle
    • Encourages team building and morale among colleagues
    • Creates an incentive for employees
  • Start your corporate team today! Email [email protected] for more information.

Quick tip: Utilize your network. Ride entries can be used for employees, clients and vendors. Or donate them to your favorite community group or alma mater.

Help Support the Cause with Your Team Jersey

When you order your team jerseys through Primal you will receive a 15% donation to your team’s fundraising account. Click here for more information.